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Day in the Lift of Benched IT worker - The Chronicles of A Boring Person
August 2016
March 10th, 2016 12:16 am
Day in the Lift of Benched IT worker

That last one was a very old rant that never got posted. I never did anything. I probably never will. I don't speak French and found it nearly impossible to find an incorruptible charity offering real $1 for $1 aid. Back to my Own Private Idaho - work at Dell-icious ended in Feb, all contractors cut. Fine. 3 days later,all ATX FTE cut except for me and 1 other. Same day, Risk! podcast with KtC ended in her telling me to fuck off while stifling giggles when I explained all of the work I had done for Testofu in the last 1.5yrs (pardon me, it was 1.4 - as she immediately corrected me). I wasn't prepped and wearing the emotional armor that is required when hanging out with KtC so I snapped and did exactly what she wanted. I fucked off.I quit Testofu and haven't looked back since. I was getting unconsciously depressed at the looming Pdx visit for Ang's 40th party. The visit wasn't as bad as I thought, a few triggers at first, sleeping in the room of your dead fiance while staying with your would-be mother-in-law (in a love-hate relationship) wasn't as difficult this time. It's only the 3rd time I've been back since he died. I made new memories. My dead fiancee's ex-wife's sister-in-law Lindzs is AMAZING and we had a great time. i bought her a vibrator for her 40th bday. i laughed and ate pancakes at the OG Hotcake house (not to be confused with the OG Pancake house) with Exxo and her kid and troubled BF. i visited the grave. wiped the clumps of dirt and rotting leaves from it. missed otherHedda - she has not called or texted or responded to fb msgs since Jan so I officially give up and don't care to see or hear from her anymore. officially she can fuck off for being a lame friend, flush her like she flushed me, i've tried to maintain some semblance of a connection for 4 yrs now and she hasn't done shit in return, i just wish she had some reason for doing so ('the I'm sorry, I'm just a lame communicator' is bullshit, the times I did see her she was constantly fucking glued to her phone so I KNOW she sees my texts and calls), plus the asshole owes me $400. I digress; I came back, oddly enough, with a renewed spirit. i'm in limbo land at work. not billable, not 'working' on any product or project..but i'm getting paid an obscene amount of $ to do NOTHING, aka 'bench time'...well other than stuff like 'take a lame online course to learn python'. this time i won't stop..i mustn't get discouraged by the ridiculous math equation examples. I now know that i can only learn if it's using real world scenarios so i've been using ansible's python core code as an example. i've already got big dreams of being unemployed because I don't think they are solvent enough to keep me on bench time indefinitely. wk 1: drink every day & file for unemployment, wk 2 : sleep until noon every day & invent a new kind of porn genre, wk 3: do yard work every day (btw, the week's activities aren't mutually exclusive)& visit lady bird lake center , wk 4: clean the house - thoroughly & go to every free show in Austin, wk 5: eat EVERYTHING in the pantry - 4yr old packet of chicken flavor from top ramen + can of cranberry jelly and some pasta = work with it!, wk 6 : learn python & photogram all the cool street art in Austin, wk 7: forage for food in austin area & find all geocodes (is that still an app?) wk 8: visit every park in austin area & hike it/walk dogs : wk 9: put a few resumes out & play FB games with infinity lives for 24hrs straight!, wk 10: clean the hot tub - then USE the hot tub & forget poor life choices, wk 11: watch every episode of the Wire ~go crazy & do a cleanse (water and lemons are a cheap diet!). wk 12: work out every day & find a new swimming hole & camp without a tent, wk 13: roadtrip to new orleans, cheaply!, wk 14: take job hunting seriously!! by wk 17 I should have a new job. Don't want to work with my old boss again, I followed him to this crappy/not so crappy gig and he had the gall to call me up the next day after the FTE cut and ask me to quit my job in order to give it to some H1B visa dude who he'd only known for 9 months (i've worked with him at 2 places for over 3 yrs). Utter betrayal as a boss and a friend. fuck him, don't need him, did fine on my own for 16yrs in the IT field, will be fine without him and his shitty Steiner Ranch (Steiner Ranch: A ritzy austin suburb known for its Tech high baller residents and Nazi HOA's -think Housewives of OC + Stepford Trophy Wives) connections. Wk 18: eat fudge stripe cookies and troll Reddit for old internet memes, I WON'T get sucked into 4chan, I WON'T!!!. Make sign and beg on street corner 'Will test your code for $$/food/$$/ a nice Jammy Cab with chocolate overtones and a smooth finish --in that order'. Well, better go, I have SO much to do in the next few months!

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